Saturday, May 14, 2011


The new transporter got a new look. BIG Mahalos to the boys at Auto customs and Nate from Freedom riding/Toytec.
 Found these wheels online and liked the style but not really. Had a color in mind that I wanted them. Contacted the boys at Auto Customs and got the on the way.
 As soon as I picked them up, It was off with the bling. Then to powder coat
 Took it to powder coat. How are you suppose to choose a color? The ones on the board are in stock and the million other in the books are special order. Special order comes with a hefty price tag.
 1.5 weeks later my variation of the board colors came out rad!
 I was pretty stoked. I dont really care if you like it!
 Back to Auto Customs for install of Toytec lift, rims and tires. Yes I could have done it myself, But with a 6 month old baby time is key. I rather be surfing on my free time than working on a car, Plus the boys there do solid work.
 Done, for now. I have been getting mixed reviews on the rim color and look.
I was told by a good friend once. You have 2 options in life, Either you are gonna follow everyone or you can try something new and FUCK what everyone thinks and says. You guess which way I am about.
Have a good day \m/

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