Friday, May 27, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Tees

Got some new tees in today. Two different designs, each are in the colors shown only. Hit me up if your into it.
Have a good day \m/

Saturday, May 14, 2011


The new transporter got a new look. BIG Mahalos to the boys at Auto customs and Nate from Freedom riding/Toytec.
 Found these wheels online and liked the style but not really. Had a color in mind that I wanted them. Contacted the boys at Auto Customs and got the on the way.
 As soon as I picked them up, It was off with the bling. Then to powder coat
 Took it to powder coat. How are you suppose to choose a color? The ones on the board are in stock and the million other in the books are special order. Special order comes with a hefty price tag.
 1.5 weeks later my variation of the board colors came out rad!
 I was pretty stoked. I dont really care if you like it!
 Back to Auto Customs for install of Toytec lift, rims and tires. Yes I could have done it myself, But with a 6 month old baby time is key. I rather be surfing on my free time than working on a car, Plus the boys there do solid work.
 Done, for now. I have been getting mixed reviews on the rim color and look.
I was told by a good friend once. You have 2 options in life, Either you are gonna follow everyone or you can try something new and FUCK what everyone thinks and says. You guess which way I am about.
Have a good day \m/

shay ka

Have a good weekend. Be safe \m/

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Stumbled across this today. Kind of funny, Short boarders use to get mad at Long boarders, Now days both of them get mad at Standup guys and gals. Now a new board for all to hate. hahaha. But who can really afford it?Would be cool to try it though.
Have a good day \m/

Friday, May 6, 2011

another adventure

Never a dull moment with This Guy. Went to surf after class yesterday. Waves were not bad considering the weather. Once we were out of the water the real adventure started.

Some cold ones

As we were leaving I heard a hissing noise. I knew we were in for it.

That's where the noise was coming from. He goes, but look at the tire it looks good on the outside. Haha.

I'm like, I bet the FKN spare is flat. Sure enough flat and all cracked. FK it run um hard!!!

All rim!!

Pit stop for some air. Can you believe they charge $.75 for air now days. Dam!

Thought this might be my last sunset before we crash and burn.

I can't believe we made it from Chuns to Mililani on a busted ass spare tire. Can't wait for my next adventure with This Guy. Good FKN times!
Have a sweet weekend \m/