Friday, May 6, 2011

another adventure

Never a dull moment with This Guy. Went to surf after class yesterday. Waves were not bad considering the weather. Once we were out of the water the real adventure started.

Some cold ones

As we were leaving I heard a hissing noise. I knew we were in for it.

That's where the noise was coming from. He goes, but look at the tire it looks good on the outside. Haha.

I'm like, I bet the FKN spare is flat. Sure enough flat and all cracked. FK it run um hard!!!

All rim!!

Pit stop for some air. Can you believe they charge $.75 for air now days. Dam!

Thought this might be my last sunset before we crash and burn.

I can't believe we made it from Chuns to Mililani on a busted ass spare tire. Can't wait for my next adventure with This Guy. Good FKN times!
Have a sweet weekend \m/

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