Sunday, September 26, 2010

Swapmeet Sundays

Went to sell some stuffs at the Aloha Stadium Super Swapmeet with the Tanitomis today. It is complete chaos there, All the regulars are basically coming in your car before you unload. Chill Out!
Drive in.
 Before we could even set up. Wish i got a pic of the chaos.
 You can find all kinds of knick knacks, if thats what your in to.
 This was not for sale, but a cool bike for sure.
 2 for Lenny!
 $13 G-Shocks, or maybe they were called G-Not's hahaha
 All kine any kine!
Made some decent $ in 4 hours
 Everything that didn't sell got dropped off here. Couldn't believe people wouldn't pay a dollar for brand new or barely used items that cost over $25.
Pearl City Goodwill got a bunch of  brand new or once worn Crooks tees.  go get um!
Have a good week \m/

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